Learn to Swing Dance with Lindy Jazz

Join our new Swing Dance course and learn to dance with style & confidence. 
You'll learn fun & exciting moves seen in many of the most iconic vintage videos including the Passby & Tuck Turn.
💃🕺Wednesdays from 21 September at St Aidan's Hall, Durham DH1 5BL

Get step-by-step guidance so you can dance with style & confidence at social dance events.

Here’s What You Get:
✅ For all levels 19:30 -20:15 Swing Dance Fundamentals 
✅ For Experienced Dancers 20:15 -21:00 Advanced variations
✅ Access to online videos to help you recap the moves in between classes
✅ Access to private Facebook Messenger group so you can ask about anything!
✅ Optional online feedback on your practice video

Does the thought of joining a dance class excite you & scare you at the same time? Have you taken part in a dance class & found that you have no idea if you're 'doing it right'?

You Don't Need to Know Anything Before You Join! 
😊 You don't need any dance experience
😊 You don't need to bring a partner
😊 You don't need to attend every single week

Lindy Jazz is More Than An Evening Class! 
🙌 Everything will be explained from the beginning
🙌 You can come on your own, with a partner or with friends
🙌You can practise with free access to our lesson videos online if you miss a class
Lindy Jazz classes are thoughtfully planned so that dancers of all levels gain full benefit from the course. We provide thorough training on the foundation skills and offer options for different levels of challenge so that you can take your dancing to the next exciting level. 

For Advanced Dancers, you will get additional training in partner work, advance variations and solo jazz from 20:15-21:00 plus videos tailored to support your practice.


What are the rules? What if I mess up?

Click Here to Find Out Dan & Mim's Top Tips when you join a new dance course!

Lindy Jazz Courses Will Help You to Social Dance with More Confidence


When you join a new dance class you may or may not be able to dance with confidence by the end of the course, you may not remember what you learnt.

When you join a Lindy Jazz course, you will get CONSISTENCY. This means . .  .
The same teachers every week. Instead of having different teachers with different teaching methods, Joo-Lee & Andy will offer you lessons that give you a strong foundation so that you have the tools you need to dance with CONFIDENCE.

By the end of this course you will be able to dance through a whole song with style & ease!


Lindy Jazz classes are crafted with care. We care that you are spending your valuable time with us. We care that you want to feel clear and not confused. 

So, as part of the course you, will get:

💃🕺 Live tuition with the opportunity to ask questions
💃🕺 Carefully paced lessons that are not rushed
💃🕺 Access to lesson recordings
💃🕺 Access to practice videos
💃🕺 Optional feedback on your practice
💃🕺 Optional chat group where you can ask questions



In the beginning it was fear of failure, looking stupid and feeling stupid  - Diane
I overcame the initial anxiety and remembered that everyone was a beginner once. 

Joo Lee and Andy's patient approach, step-by-step teaching (literally), and their carefully planned lessons, helped me to cement those basics. 

If you've never tried swing dancing, and think you'd like to, I would definitely recommend Lindy Jazz as the place to start. If there's a tiny percentage of dance in your body, they'll get it to swing.
We had access to recordings of classes so we could replay them on demand  - Mac & Chris
We had a few worries before we joined Lindy Jazz classes.
1) That the classes were live and we were nervous of dancing in front of other people.
2) That trying to work out how to use Zoom would be too stressful and not much fun.

How wrong we were!
The classes were very welcoming and the focus was on the teaching of the crucial basic techniques unlike other dance classes that were centred around learning fancy moves.

There was also the opportunity to do workshops where we could get more in-depth teaching on specific techniques. We also thought it was great that through Zoom, we had access to recordings of classes so we could replay them on demand. All in all, there have been so many benefits of joining Lindy Jazz classes.

 I was a little bit worried about being out of my depth
 - Julie
However, when we got there we were very reassured by the way the classes were run and the social aspect of it was also very enjoyable.

Look at all the lovely people we have met through Lindy Jazz and all the experiences we have had. We have been on stage, danced in a park, danced on TV, kept in touch and practiced all through lockdown.

I was very reassured by the way the course started off on the very basics and everybody even the very experienced dancers would also join the basics and the steps would build up from there. 

I loved the way the more experienced dancers would support the newcomers and encouragement came from all angles. It was great to see clear demonstrations and receive clear instructions and feedback.

Everything is broken down into easy to learn steps  - Liz
The tuition was first class and I loved the "Teachable" videos which were really helpful if you wanted to practise but had forgotten something. There were also talks from Andy which I found fascinating as I had no previous knowledge of this dance genre at all. The course was such great value for money!

What I loved most about the course was realising that I could manage to learn the steps, count to the rhythm of Swing music, and almost look like a dancer!

I would definitely recommend the Lindy Jazz courses to anyone. Everything is broken down into easy to learn steps, and the tuition and learning materials are great. 

Not only that, it’s so much fun and it’s an amazing boost for your self-confidence. 



Joo-Lee attended her first swing dance class in 1993 with the Jiving Lindy Hoppers.

After spending years trying out every social dance style available, she fell in love with the fun, uplifting, and incredibly social Lindy Hop. Bringing this joy and connectedness to others was her dream; a dream that was realised when she established Lindy Jazz with her husband, Andy. 

Simple, fun, and inclusive instruction in a warm and friendly atmosphere is their recipe for success.

What started as a single class in Durham has blossomed into a thriving Swing dance community where everyone is welcome, whether they’re near or far. 

From dancing on TV (as seen on BBC One's indent, "Swing Dancers, County Durham") ro running her own International Swing Dance Festival, DJam, which brought people around the world to dance together at Durham Town Hall, to teaching SwingFit dance fitness classes for the NHS, their desire to spread the joy of dance shows no signs of stopping. 

Think that all sounds great, but you’re not sure about dancing?
Joo-Lee has even taught actors with no previous experience to dance! She was a choreographer and dance coach for TV dramas such as ‘United’ starring David Tennant and ‘Joe Maddison’s War’ starring Robson Green & Kevin Whately.

When you learn to dance with Joo-Lee & Andy, you know that you’re in safe, experienced, and very welcoming hands. 


Are there any prerequisites to join the course?
No dance experience is necessary as everything will be explained in a step-by-step system, but you do need to be in good health. If you have a about 5 minutes a day to practise, that's a bonus but not complusory.
When can I join the course?
When you join the course you have immediate access to all the online class materials. This course starts on 20/21 September. The courses are held in 6-week blocks and you can find the dates here on www.lindy-jazz.co.uk
Is this a beginner or advanced course?
The courses at Lindy Jazz are carefully designed to ensure that dancers of all or no dance experience will benefit from every single class. There are options in every class so you can choose to take it easy or take on the more exciting moves. The choice is yours!
Will we learn a routine or will we be learning to social dance?
You get both! You will get to learn a short routine which consists of social dance sections. For experienced dancers there will be opportunities to shine with your own chosen phrases, which can be choreographed or improvised. You will be shown everything!
What kind of steps will we learn?
You will get to build the foundations for swing dance which will include Triple Steps, Rock Steps, 6 & 8 count basics, 1920s and 1930s Charleston, solo jazz and techniques for social dancing.
What should I wear?
Wear casual, comfortable clothes for the classes. As most people are coming straight from work, very few people have time to dress up - this we reserve for our weekend social events. We reccomend that you change from your work clothes into something fresh and comfortable that allows you to move easily. In terms of shoes, wear comfortable shoes with a smooth sole.
What if I join and decide it’s not for me and want to cancel my course membership?
For some people, trying something new is exciting. For others, trying something new may feel uncomfortable. You may or may not see immediate results after the first class. We reccomend that you attend the whole course before making up your mind as it may take time to feel the full benefits of the course. 

We are confident that if you attend all 6 classes in-person or virtually and practise for 5 minutes a day, you will have a few fun moves under your belt.

If you can show us that after attending all 6 classes in-person or virtually and submitting your 5-minute practice videos each and every week via www.wetransfer.com, you are still not making progress, email us we will offer you a refund!
When does this course start?
This course starts 20/21 September
What about Early Bird tickets?
Early Bird tickets are available until 6 September

Classes and cancellations

Our classes will take place at the times and on the dates set out in our schedule on our website and booking platforms. We reserve the right to change our timetables and scheduled classes and venues and will provide you with as much notice as possible of this.

Please ensure that your email address and other contact details are up to date at all times and email us at info@lindy-jazz.co.uk if you need to provide us with updated details.

We will post revisions to the timetable or the scheduled classes on our Lindy Jazz Facebook page so please check our Lindy Jazz Facebook page regularly.

Tickets for the courses are payable 'per person'. You may not assign your place in a class to another person without our permission.

If you are unable to attend a class or a number of classes, or the entire course, no refund will be offered. You can access our online class material as well as and / or instead of attending the class ‘live’.

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